(Reduction in the size of the inferior turbinate)

This is the name given to the surgery oriented to reducing the size of the inferior turbinate. Turbinoplasty allows the reduction of the turbinate size and thus, the correction of a nasal obstruction.  The purpose of performing a turbinoplasty (reduction) versus a turbinectomy (resection of the turbinate) is that in the first procedure, the turbinate’s function is preserved in its entirety.


Types of Turbinoplasty

  • Coblation (Used more frequently)
  • Radiofrequency
  • Microdebrider
  • Submucous Resection


The indications for this surgery are:

  • Chronical nasal obstruction derived from an allergic rhinosinusitis without an improvement in spite of the medical treatment


About the Turbinoplasty

  • This is an outpatient surgery (The patient goes home on the same day)
  • General anesthesia is used
  • There is no need to use nasal packs
  • There are no major complications, nor special care is needed
  • Recovery time is fast